2e4a8a0a — Gregory Mullen 8 months ago master
Add m as a default keybind
7b45392a — Gregory Mullen 8 months ago
Implement basic tab completion support

The move command is the only one currently implemented
ce475e49 — Réouven Assouly 8 months ago
commands/msgview: add open command
dfe114b6 — Réouven Assouly 8 months ago
Make part encoding checks case insensitive

commands/msgview/save and commands/msgview/pipe now use case
insensitive comparisons to determine if the part is encoded as base64
or quoted-printable.
1b779055 — Aditya Mahajan 8 months ago
Ensure that flags are set properly

The current implementation has three classes of flags:
- readFlag
- delFlag
- flaggedFlag

The logic to check for them should be in parallel if branches rather
than in sequential if-else ladder.
ab79bc34 — Drew DeVault 8 months ago
Update tcell
0b14d92b — Lyle Hanson 8 months ago
Document collecting log output

Redirecting stdout writes log output to that file, but this wasn't
easily discoverable.

v2 removes changes to aerc-tutorial; I was also on the fence about that,
and agree that it isn't on-topic for the tutorial.

Addresses https://todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc2/180
fd0265d9 — Drew DeVault 8 months ago
imap: block until directory list is fully received

This fixes issues with INBOX mysteriously not being present at times
99c363b7 — Reto Brunner 8 months ago
Set empty message in dirlist if no folder exist.
626f91c4 — Reto Brunner 8 months ago
imap: respect the folder config option
d3b5a76b — Lyle Hanson 8 months ago
Add uninstall target to Makefile

Also removes leftover directories if there isn't anything else in them.

e56ceb09 — Clayton Craft 8 months ago
Support directories in path to :save

This adds new functionality to :save in the message view for specifying
directories in the path. A new flag, -p, is also added to :save for
automatically creating any directories in the path that do not exist.

If the path ends in a / (e.g. "Downloads/mail/") or if the path is an
existing directory, the part's file name is the filename from the mail
header for the part. Otherwise, it uses the last element in the path as
the filename (e.g. 'blah.jpg' is the filename if the path is
61206c6a — Drew DeVault 8 months ago
Make awk filters more portable
408a9e7b — Drew DeVault 8 months ago
Fix automatic scrolling when messages arrive/leave
0494c9ae — Drew DeVault 8 months ago
Add :next/:prev binds for [viewer]
9746f485 — Kevin Kuehler 8 months ago
commands/msgview: Add next/prev commands

Signed-off-by: Kevin Kuehler <kkuehler@brave.com>
a54f4adb — Kevin Kuehler 8 months ago
lib/ui/tab: Add Replace method

Also expose a light wrapper method in aerc.go for tab replacement

Signed-off-by: Kevin Kuehler <kkuehler@brave.com>
32f970e0 — Kevin Kuehler 8 months ago
Move select functionality from msglist to msgstore

Remove msglist Next and Prev commands

Signed-off-by: Kevin Kuehler <kkuehler@brave.com>
d1df7103 — Kevin Kuehler 8 months ago
commands/msg/archive: Work with msgviwer

Inside the generic msg command we cannot use aerc.SelectedAccount()
because the method naively assumes the current tab is an AccountView.
Use the ProvidesMessage interface instead.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Kuehler <kkuehler@brave.com>
d22a9140 — Drew DeVault 8 months ago
Implement :mkdir command